Saturday, February 16, 2013


I recently was given this coffee table.  I thought I could do something different with the boards and paint them all different colors.  Someone at Witherspoons suggested doing Margaritaville colors, Jimmy Buffet style. Then I remembered a friend of mine has a sign hanging above her kitchen window that says “Just another day in Paradise”.  I put them together and came up with this.  Here is a step by step tutorial.



First I spray painted the bottom blue and then I started painting the stripes different colors.  I did have to use a different paint brush for each color, but it went fairly fast.


Next I sanded it and then used stencils for the first part of the sign.  I wanted the word “Paraside” to be bigger than the rest of the words.  I had to print it in Microsoft word and then I used chalk on the back.  I traced the letters with a red pen and picked up the paper.  Then, I painted the blue chalk outline black.


I then sealed it with Provential stain.  I will give it a coat of wax in the morning, and it will be ready to go.  I am not used to painting with such bright colors but I think I will try this again!



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