Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY tea towels

I still remember the first time I found The Graphics Fairy blog.  I could not wait to try to make something.  Through many attempts of trial and error, I finally found my preferred method to transfer, Citra-Solv with a laser printer.

The first time I ordered Citra-Solv from Amazon, I accidentally ordered the cleaner and not the degreaser.  FYI the cleaner does not work. 

Just before Christmas, we were having a ladies craft party at church, and I decided to demonstrate how to make tea towels.  I went to Walmart to buy the white tea towels I normally buy and discovered these white towels with red stripes.  I think there are five in a package for about $6.   I fell in love with them.

Normally, I keep a file printed up with graphics in it.  When I see one I like, I usually print at least five.  I think I have used the Paris graphic the most, see my previous post of a medicine cabinet door makeover, but I do love all the bird graphics!!!

I have admit that I still get excited every time I do a transfer and lift up the piece of paper off of my fabric and see my graphic. 

Here are the most recent towels I have made. 

I absolutely love the way they turned out.  I took them up to my booth at Witherspoons.  The "Joy" graphic looks very nice on these towels, and that is one I used at our Christmas craft party at church.

That same weekend, I decided to paint a wooden rolling pin white and then I sanded it.  I had the "Chocolat" graphic printed and thought it might look nice on the rolling pin.  I tried to tape it on, but it was hard as the surface was round not flat.  It did transfer but I did not do a very good job and wished I had put more time into taping the piece of paper on better.  It turned out to look “shabby” which is kind of the look I was going for.  I still need to clear coat it.  I thought it might be nice to tie a black ribbon on each side and hang it on the wall. 

I need to find some more wooden rolling pins so I can try this again.  I really want to paint one pink!

I want to thank the Graphics Fairy for opening up a whole new world to me for my business!


  1. Girl, great job. Goodwill and Salvation Army always has them for a buck or 2.