Saturday, November 10, 2012

He leads me!

By divine inspiration, I am going to call my yard sale adventures, He leads me.  Because that is really what happens,  He leads me to hidden treasures all over this wonderful town we live in, in various peoples yards and garages. 

Today, Saturday, I did not go to any yard sales because I wanted to blog about what I found yesterday! 

After my amazing husband prayed over me and left for work, I was off. 

The first stop, three minutes from my house, the ad said she had Shabby Chic items.  They did not open until 8 and it was only 7.  When I pulled up, everyone in the garage stopped what they were doing and gave me that look. I am sure most of you know the one I am talking about, eyes rolling head shaking, "Can't you tell time, and we do not even have our signs out!"

I already see this amazing table that I will be camping in their driveway until they open to get because I have to have it.  So I smile, get out of my car, and of course start petting their huge dog that greets me and is obviously excited that I am there.  They hesitantly let me shop but I could tell they were not happy.  I got the "You are out early" welcome.

This is what I bought:

I got the table for $12.50.  Can you believe that?  I have never seen one quite like it.  I usually have a $5 dollar limit per piece but I knew this was unusual and would look amazing painted.  I blew my budget again on the leaded glass window.  It was $20.  She actually had two, and I really wanted both but the frame was messed up on the other one and I only had $50.  With the pretty little pottery pitcher and the cute basket and the metal wall flower sconce I had spent $40.  I still had four more planned stops.  In the back of my head, I knew I would be hitting the ATM soon. 

The next stop was a non-advertised, just putting signs out sale.  My favorite kind of yard sale!!  None of the other "dealers" have been there yet.  I do not consider myself one of "those people".  Ha Ha.  They had a lot of clothes.  I actually love digging through name brand clothes and get just as excited about finding pretty clothes as I do about pieces of furniture to paint.  The first thing I see is a shabby blue repurposed cell phone holder that hides your cords.  She was using it as a jewelry box, and it was full of jewelry she had dumped in there.  First I make sure the box is for sale, $3, it is mine.  Now as I look through the jewelry, there are two pieces I grab.  A silver cross marked 925 and a gold cross lapel pin.  All jewely was fifty cents each, I am glad I had saved my $10.

This is what I bought:

I kept shopping, made a pile and asked her if she could hold my stuff if I gave her my $10 and ran to the ATM to get $22.00. 

It is a beautiful embroidered tablecloth from Romania.  I think I need a better camera to post pictures. Maybe I will try one of the three I bought this summer at yard sales...

It is a terra cotta pizza stone with cover.  Really cute.  I had to have it.  Not sure what I am going to do with it.  It is not in new condition for resale in my booth.  I guess I can try one of the amazing pizza dough recipes on Pinterest that I pinned and let my family see how it tastes!!

I did not take a picture of the pile of clothes I bought or the book to read aloud to the girls. Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink.  It is a winner of the Newberry Medal.  I hope it is good.  We just finished reading Mandie And The Washington Nightmare.

I have to go to Witherspoons and move a bench I painted from my outside booth to inside.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow, and I do not want it to get wet.  I was praying it would sell before I got up there.  I can always see if there are any yard sales on the way.  I still have $32.00.

Here is a picture of the bench I painted. 


  1. So pretty! Be blessed in all your endeavors!

  2. I just received the exact same pizza stone with lid as you have and was wondering if you've used it and if so, how it worked out? The bottom is raised which throws me off. Mine was sitting in a silver basket but I think that was just for convenience...I don't think they normally go together although the stone sits on top of it rather nicely. Please email me at tina_8000 at yahoo dot com.